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When the Destination is too Close for Comfort

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Another turn of the sun, but this time feels different.

Approaching a turning point.

The road is closed, I look for signs to show the way.

To Where? To What? I don't know.

The status quo ain't so no more.

There's an nagging whisper in the winds of change

To be meaningful, no longer sensible!

The older I get the less I know,

remaining questions are unanswerable.

My role as parent

is no longer about being the leader.

I don't have to know what's best...

It's not letting go, it's just walking slower...

and as their steps outpace,

I just watch them go.

Now its time for pause

Meno, Andro, take your pick!

When the body you took for granted

demands your care

and sometimes your concern.

Then you realize that the restlessness...

The Ur g e n c y

is justified...

And reality hits like a cold, hard thump!

You know that pit inside your stomach that you

felt in your 30's?

That "Is this all there is?" ache?

It's back, but this time not so rebellious.

More somber, because more is at stake.

The path left to walk is less

than the path you've laid.

And for a moment you look around, a little dazed.

Maybe a little afraid?!

That the destination is

too close for comfort.


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