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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

I wasn't planning on doing a 2021 calendar. The world was in such a state of chaos in 2020... life was tenuous, unpredictable. Compiling artwork for 12 months into the future seemed more daunting than ever before.

I had so many questions: What the heck, 2020? How do I start to make sense of it all? How do I apply meaning to the current events in a way to help others? Why can't I just produce artwork that is simply pretty without always having it MEAN something (LOL seriously, I wish I could).

Finally, inspiration hit and I couldn’t resist creating this calendar. The images began to emerge very dreamy and moody, words and images conjoined. I flowed with the visions and whispers, quickly filling my journal. I let go of the need to "perfect" them in order to get them out as natural as possible. I don't know what it all means, but then again, that's the true pleasure of creating art! No one knows what the future holds (a big lesson from 2020), but I feel that I have created relevant, meaningful pictures for the year ahead.

After completing the pictures, I wrote a poem that loosely follows each month's theme. You will find it on the cover along with the title, "The Wind of Change":

Now, I will share with you each month's image. Below it, in italic, is the section of the poem that corresponds. And after that, a brief artist statement:

January - We chose to be here, now

"From the darkness we awaken now with enlightened purpose"

We picked this life experience before we entered it. Our souls wanted to be part of the great transformation. In the sky there is a rainbow comet – since 2000, we have been "in the feminine power" which we will celebrate in the US with the inauguration of our first female vice president in January.

February - Love is exponential

"To share unlimited abundance, love expands and all flourish"

Germs and fear are contagious, but so is kindness and love! Indeed, love expands infinitely and is eternal. My wish is that collectively, we spend more time spreading light and love instead of darkness and fear. In this picture you will notice a dark angel at the top and it reappears on several other pictures. I believe that the darkest moments of our life are some of our greatest teachers, if we are willing to learn the lessons. We should never fear our shadows but embrace the wisdom they present.

March - Let go to grow

"During times of change, the shift may topple the life that we know. Find grace in letting go the old in order to grow!"

In 2020, we were confronted with sudden change. One of the greatest lessons I learned (many moons ago) was through the act of loss. When I cling to the past, mourning its loss, we remain in pain. But, when we surrender to change, we can evolve better and stronger. Rainbows and butterflies are common elements on several of the pictures. Despite the dark, moody vibe, I see the rainbow as a sign of optimism and the butterfly symbolic of change.

April - Water what you want to grow

Chaos and crisis are mighty teachers. We learn very quickly what truly matters, and what we can let go. It is a blessing to realize what is most important, and with wisdom we learn to focus our efforts instead of sprinkling ourselves all over the place.

May - Rise again (for them)

"With strength to rise above the ravages if not for self, for those whose wind is beneath the wings, who sailed fore or to come aft."

Time and again we must rise, but some of us are weary. We can find inspiration by remembering those that came before us. Think about what they survived so that we could benefit! And then, remember the younger generation who looks to us for direction and courage. So, if not for yourself, fight the good fight for them!

June - Blossom anyway, always

"Find blessings in the lessons blossom into treasure..."

Our role in this life is to create meaning from our journey. Learning to treasure our experience is the first step. The most successful, satisfied people that I know spend every minute of every day appreciating their time here on earth, always improving, in all ways. No matter what happens, they turn it into a gem.

July- Believe and leap

"leapfrogging to happily-ever-after"

Do you have dreams, but are afraid to leave a “sure thing”? So many of us were taught to avoid risk for fear of failure. But life is meant to be an adventure, so I say, “take the leap!” The real magic happens when you choose to believe in yourself.

August - We are one

"Although souls travel solo for connection we need not search, we are one flesh"

A global pandemic teaches us that we cannot be healthy and safe until everyone is. We must begin to acknowledge that we are one species, and we have advanced into a society where separatism no longer works. We must begin to see the bigger picture if we are to survive.

September - Time is now

"Now is the time as the stars align"

We are at a precipice in time when we must come to terms with our imbalances. We must take action to heal not only the human species but our environment. For me, one of the most poignant outcomes of the quarantine (and slowing of global activity) is the resulting benefit to earth. How quickly it wants to heal and return to a state of balance! The clever, resilient fox is an archetypal symbol of nature, he presents us a rose of forgiveness and benign love. But the pesky raven asks, "Are we running out of time?"

October - Re:Birth

"Will we ever learn to change our karmic re:birth?"

Changing conditions are inevitable, but our willingness change with it is a choice. Collectively, will we learn our karmic lessons? Fear and pain only perpetuate the same! Can we evolve into a more enlightened species? Will we begin to do the important work necessary to ensure our future? What can we learn from a microscopic virus that also wants to survive and evolves quickly as a result?

November - Gravitate Gratitude

"Gravitate good vibrations"

Our emotions are powerful, magnifying energy that draws into our world similar vibrations (like attracts like). One of the most dynamic emotions is that of simple gratitude. Every day, find it, feel it, linger in its flow! You will be amazed at how this one act will levitate your reality!

December - Dawn of a new earth

"Celebrating winter's solstice in the dreamy dawn of a renewed earth"

Winter solstice celebrates the longest hours of darkness and the rebirth of the sun. It holds powerful energy for regeneration and renewal. It is my hope that by the end of this year, we have learned the most important lessons and are onto an enlightened age. The forest trees have roots intertwined in the shape of sacred geometry to represent the mystical interconnectedness of everything.

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