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Be Fierce Enough.

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Compressed and defined by Other's restrictions

left little room for her to breathe

Suffocated and constricted, she

imagined herself to be

joined by a fierce companion.

Not too fierce, just enough

to walk beside her

and channel ferocious self-love

as she walked past

in her gown of glorious roses.

Not flinching in self consciousness

nor cowering from fear of apprasial

she rose to her true stature

in full, unedited glory.

The path to self-acceptance

is worth the journey

so go there!

Dare to be authentic.

When you live in your truth

full color of your choosing

blood tingles

and destiny smiles.

It's then that you realize

how wonderful and satisfying

life can be; every second,

minute, hour and mile. ~KAt

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