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Manifest Your Best™ Every Day Planner/Journal

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Whether you have big bucket list goals or simple desire a more meaningful existence, this planner/journal is the catalyst you need to make it happen!

The Manifest Your Best™ Everyday is a planner/journal that distills the Laws of Attraction down to an easy, enjoyable daily system of connecting goals and thoughts to emotions, igniting the magical alchemy of manifestation. With this unique method you will experience success every single day. Imagine what that will feel like!


52 weeks of planning space that you can start at anytime. No need to wait for the first of the year!

Tracking four key practices of holistic happiness that keep you balanced and aligned to what really matters.

A weekly reflection section to journal you "think/feel" connection, especially documenting your success journal.

Every 4 weeks, there is a piece of original Kat Gottlieb artwork. Under the guise of butterflies and flowers, we find the secrets to manifesting. Along with it, a journal prompt to weave its wisdom into your life.

Get ready for the best 52 weeks of your life! Order yours today!

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