The Captain of Her Own Ship

Sojourn is a mermaid who dreams of being so much more.  Trapped in a bubble under the sea, kept down by the expectations and obligations of the underworld's society that a mermaid is only worth her physical qualities.

But she breaks free when she spots an unmanned pirate ship, and begins her journey to self-realization.  The voyage challenges every inch of her, but in the end she overcomes her Fear.Uncertainty.Doubt to learn how to stand on her own two feet.

"Its not the length of your lashes

         that determines your worth

Nor the shine of your hair or

                       sparkle of the baubles

      that we love to covet.

True beauty is your spirit within

            that shines through your eyes

   to reveal the depth of your soul

      and strength of your mind.

Those are the real prettify goals."

The Travel Journal Series

I write stories that open women's hearts and minds to the power of their own potential.  Each story is an imaginative journey through the feminine psyche and soul to get to the heart of the matter, to understand what stands between us and our most meaningful lives.

The characters learn to stand up to the pressures of other's expectations and listen to their inner wisdom, to realize that they are worthy and fully capable of achieving their dreams. They are relevant concepts to encourage the reader to delve deeper into one's own psyche, to find a way through our challenges, and ultimately manifest change.

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