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How do you describe what you do as an artist and writer?

Kat Gottlieb is an American-based namesake brand founded in 2018 whose purpose is to inspire and motivate. With exuberant bohemian-chic artwork style and empowering messages, Kat Gottlieb brand shares personal development, self-help and other mind-body-spirit concepts in an easy-to-understand, approachable way to positively impact the world by encouraging others to live their most authentic life.

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That sounded very official!  How do you describe yourself on a more personal level?

I describe myself as a dreamer, communicator, artist, entrepreneur.  I seek to understand the mysteries of this life experience and connect them to relevant ways to live a more soul-filled, joyful existence.  I am motivated by creating impact and finding solutions for success.  And doing so in my own, independent way.

How would you describe your point of view and style?

It is distinctly from the feminine (not feminist) view.  It’s a very personal look into my own experiences and challenges in finding the path to happiness and success.


My art style is free-spirited with layers of colors, hidden images and meanings sprinkled throughout..  My writing is a bit quirky.  It’s not about perfection.  Perfect is boring.  It’s about the imperfect, the soulfulness of patina, finding joy in the struggle.  It's about being real in all of its glorious mess!


What kind of topics do you explore?

Every topic is about the empowerment of finding our own inner wisdom to make decisions that support personal success.  I explore self-identity, which manifests itself in our personal relationships (romantic, family dynamics, etc.) and professional endeavors.  Motivational products help with stress, grief, frustration and anxiety associated with having the courage to make changes that allow us to live our truths.

I am especially interested in supporting women in their search for balance, happiness, courage, and personal success.  The strength of my message is that we all possess the inner wisdom necessary to discover our personal truths so that we can make decisions that support our greater good.

Why is it relevant?

In this topsy-turvy world that is dynamically changing, we can all feel a bit lost and uncertain.  With the prevalence of social influences telling us how to look, act, behave, etc., it can be difficult to hear our voice.  

At the same time, the "information-age" has opened so many avenues for exploration, different viewpoints and opinions and I enjoy discovering them, digesting their messages, and sharing with my audience.


What’s your purpose?

I want to positively impact the world with messages of encouragement and concepts that motivate. I want to share  knowledge to inspire and activate imaginations… to visualize a better way … and empower changes that will manifest happiness, success, and wellness.

For me, creating my art is kind of a spiritual thing. The messages and images come through me, I don’t lay claim to them. My focus is to stay “in the flow” of allowance, so that I can be used as an instrument of good. Whatever needs to be said, I create it. It is always so cool when I get a message from a viewer who says they felt my art was created just for them at just the exact right time. Cuz, maybe it was! I love that!

Life is a magical mystery ride! When I get to the end, I want to know I did something good. And this is my way of giving back for all that the universe has gifted me; the fortune, misfortune, the blessings, the lessons... all of it! Everything that has happened to me up to this point has led me to this place. I am so grateful and excited to see where it will take me next. I am a big believer that each of us has a destiny. It is our job to figure out why we were born, and boldly act upon it.

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